Friday, December 23, 2011


i just got back from Perak yesterday.hihi,i did mention in my last entry about me-going to UTP EDUCAMP for JANUARY INTAKE and i was like nak tak nak je pergi EDUCAMP tu.but finally i did ! it was an awesome experience ! Met lots of friends there,from Kedah,Negeri Sembilan,Johor as well as Melaka :D. So,in this entry,i would like to share with y'all about the EDUCAMP !
 So,i went to Perak a day before interview and rent a homestay  there which was located about 10 minutes drive from UTP . we had a good night sleep (not everybody actually) and woke up sooooo early at 5.45 am as the interview started at 7.30 am.Ayah wanted us to go there early so that i could be in the first group to be interviewed. After packing our stuff,i took my files and went straight to UTP without having breakfast ! nak cepat punya pasal.
We reached UTP at 7.10 am and saw lots of cars entering UTP.ramai siot ! then,we went to the CHANCELLOR HALL which was so hugeeeeeeeeeeee! rasa jakun gileeeeer ! there was a library there too and it looked like the oil rigs.jakun again.
We reached the chancellor hall,parked car,queued up,got angka giliran which was A69.yeah got the first group !,we entered the chancellor hall for the opening ceremony .the naib chancellor of UTP gave  his speech about UTP  (got lots  of useful and clear information about UTP ).
after that,we  were directed to BLOCK B by bus.The interview  was held there.we entered a room  and there was about 30 panel table there.5 person per and my newly-met-friend ,Ifah whIch was also from MELAKA chose panel table number 3 before another 3 boys ,1 from MELAKA and another two from KEDAH ,joined us.We were given a STUDY CASE.STUDY CASE ni mcam proposal la. tema study case kitorang ialah SAVING THE FUTURE.semua tema sama tapi proposal berlainan.
contoh nya.
  IFAH                                     : PROPOSAL A : PARENTING and  CHILD CARE PROJECT
  ME                                        : PROPOSAL B  : MILITARY SUPPORT PROJECT
 AIMAN                                 : PRPOSAL A : PARENTING AND CHILD CARE PROJECT (same as ifah )
 KEDAH BOY 1(forgot his name ) : PROPOSAL C : forgot his project
 KEDAH BOY 2 (forgot his name too) :PROPOSAL D : forgot his project too.

We were given 30 minutes to perepare. then we were directed to the waiting room .lepas tu,seorang demi seorang dipanggil untuk personal interview.time ni memang nervous giler.waited patiently until my turn was called. I entered this panel 3 room.AND,THE INTERVIEW STARTED.
the panel ask only TWO  question,DESCRIBE  MYSELF AND  THE REASON I CHOOSE THE COURSE. so ,i talked and talked for about 5 minutes,said thank you and went straight back to the waiting,it was not done yet.AFTER all my group members had done with their personal interview,now it was time for group was like a debate actually.KITORANG kena berhujah tentang proposal masing-masing and finally came up with a conclusion.we debated for about 15 minutes and then aiman came up with a conclusion.remember,there is no right or wrong answer.just talk.the panel just sat there and watched us debating.and then it was OVER !

hoho.suko gilo interview dah habis.had a great lunch and went back to chancellor hall,listening to the career briefing and went back before the briefing actually ended.hihi.nak balik awal punya pasal.

 so,it was totally a great experience  for me as i never went for any interview gilo ! my tips for those yang bakal pergi UTP EDUCAMP for next year intake,
fistavoll,BE CONFIDENT.
terdly, MASTER YOUR ENGLISH sebab interview ini korang kena cakap bahasa inggeris 100 %.
fortly,HAS LOTS OF GREAT IDEAS for you to do the study case.
ok,well,GOOD LUCK eberibodi.ahak !
here some pictures for you.
7.12 am


after lunch.ramai masuk lambat.

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akak blaja kt utp ke skang? kalo kte tak dpt tangkp pe yg dier tnya cm ne?