Saturday, November 12, 2011

this is it..


this is the moment.this is the place.
where we will leave all our sweet memories behind and move on .
nayy,dont leave 'em there,bring 'em along.
so we'll always remember
our good and bad times TOGETHER
all the gaduh-gaduh,merajuk,extreme jokes (ecehhh :P ) ,jelousy,luvvy duvvy, (ehem-ehem ), sakit hati,kecik hati
spending extra money during recess sebab belanja koranng makan ( thanks sebab belanja aku jugak .hihi)
wipe the tears,see the smiles,
 i'll miss every single of you <3

rinduuuuuunyaaaaaaaaaaa nak tinggalkan SGB...

9A+  in SPM .

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